What are the Amenities that People in Mulund Prefer Today?

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19 December, 2023

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What are the Amenities that People in Mulund Prefer Today?

Mumbai is a bustling metropolis known for its vibrant lifestyle, thriving economy and a world of career opportunities. Considering the rising demand for housing properties, several neighbourhoods are developing as real estate hotspots around this sprawling urban landscape.

Mulund is one such neighbourhood that offers a range of attractive options for homebuyers. It enjoys seamless connectivity with major commercial and business hubs through the Eastern Express Highway and rail network.

Mulund is known for its convenient location, ample greenery, peaceful atmosphere, and well-developed social infrastructure. When looking at residential properties in Mulund, home buyers look for a slew of essential amenities.

Let us find out some essential facilities and luxury amenities that Mulund properties offer.

List of Amenities One Can Find in Mulund Properties

• Swimming Pool and Spa Facilities

A swimming pool has become one of the basic amenities that homebuyers seek while buying a house. It not only helps in recreation but also promotes physical fitness and relaxation. Most housing complexes in Mumbai feature lavish swimming pools with poolside sitting areas. The premium ones can even offer adjoining spa facilities for the residents.

• Fitness and Yoga Centres

Health and wellness have never been more opulent than today. With an increasing number of people becoming concerned about their fitness, amenities like well-equipped fitness centres and gymnasiums have become common in most residential projects in Mulund. The top housing complexes here even offer dedicated yoga and meditation rooms with provisions for open air.

• Clubhouses and Lounges

Exclusive clubhouses and lounges provide a space for socialising, meetings, playing games and conducting events. Most housing complexes in Mulund have dedicated clubhouses and café lounges to ensure the residents won’t have to look anywhere else for their social gatherings. These lounges offer almost all premium facilities required for a formal meeting or a party.

• Indoor Games Room

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, the interest in indoor games has been unparalleled, especially among millennials. Games like chess, ludo and table tennis have emerged as the best leisure activities. Besides, they can refresh one’s mind and soul. That is why most homebuyers prefer having dedicated rooms for indoor games in their housing complexes.

• Gardens and Landscaped Areas

Beautifully carved landscaped gardens and green spaces within the residential complexes offer a serene escape from the city’s hustle-bustle. It provides a breath of fresh air for residents. This can be the place where they can sit around, gossip, meditate, or just enjoy nature.

• Sports Facilities

Different people love to play different sports. Homebuyers often look for facilities to play their favourite sports while searching for their dream house. Top housing complexes in Mulund include sports facilities, such as tennis courts, squash courts, basketball courts, badminton courts, etc. A few can even include a separate cricket or soccer field.

• Kids Play Area

Several luxury apartments in Mulund these days develop an exclusive play area for children. It promotes physical activity among kids and provides a peace of mind to the parents as the kids are safe and secure inside the play area. It also makes room for kids to socialise among their peers.

• Concierge Services

Having concierge services can be highly beneficial for residents. They may need someone to attend to them for their daily and emergency needs. Whether it’s booking tickets, arranging transportation, or ensuring other day-to-day requirements are met, concierge services are the key to seamless living.

• Spacious Parking

Parking spaces for two-wheelers and four-wheelers are an essential amenity homebuyers look for. Most housing complexes in Mulund offer open and covered parking spaces for the residents. Moreover, residents can purchase additional parking spaces if they have multiple vehicles.

• EV Charging Stations

India is slowly moving towards its target of complete electric mobility. With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, parking spaces with charging facilities have become a necessity in housing complexes.

• Supermarkets or Retail Stores

Going out for their daily requirements can be a hassle for residents. Hence, they prefer buying a flat in projects with in-house supermarkets or retail stores. It ensures they can shop for necessities or luxury items without leaving the premises.

• Pet-friendly Amenities

Those who have pets seek pet-friendly amenities. Several top housing projects in Mulund are pet-friendly, with amenities like pet parks, grooming services, in-house vet availability, etc. Some leading housing societies have dog park, which is an excellent feature for dog owners and pet lovers.

To Conclude

These are the amenities that homebuyers in Mulund seek. And if you are looking for luxury residences in Mulund, then look no further than Piramal Revanta .

Piramal Revanta is a new-age luxury housing development that offers most of these amenities. Located in the heart of Mulund, it ensures seamless connectivity with other parts of the city. Piramal Revanta offers more than 35+ lifestyle amenities and 50% open spaces to facilitate luxury living. One can buy a 1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartment here and experience the gold standards for living.

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