Feng Shui Tortoise as Per Vastu: Direction, Placement & More

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17 April, 2023

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Feng Shui Tortoise as Per Vastu: Direction, Placement & More

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that believes the spatial/ geometric arrangement of a home should align with the natural energy forces of life. The Chinese principle calls this energy chi. Feng shui has been around for centuries to create harmony and balance in the environment in the homes one dwells in. Apart from the geometric interior and exterior arrangement of a house, Feng Shui also involves the placement of various objects and symbols in the house, including the red phoenix, green dragon, white tiger, and others. Those looking to instil stability and vitality in their homes can consider the Feng Shui tortoise Vastu. The Feng Shui tortoise direction in home succeeds in creating positive energy when one considers its direction, placement, and other material. Here’s how homeowners can consider the use and placement of the Feng Shui tortoise for good luck, prosperity, and general wellness.

Feng shui tortoise Vastu direction

According to Vastu practices, homeowners should give rightful importance to the feng shui tortoise direction in the home. At home or in the workplace, one should place the Feng shui turtle in the North or East direction. These directions bring wealth, prosperity, and good fortune for generations to come, making them the ideal location for the tortoise. The Feng Shui tortoise at home Vastu direction should ensure that the tortoise faces inward towards the centre of the room. The central placement promotes an uninterrupted flow of positive energy

Placement of the Feng Shui Tortoise

The placement of the Feng Shui turtle decides how effective it is in bringing good luck. Feng shui experts recommend placing it on a stable and sturdy surface such as a table or shelf. One should keep the Feng shui tortoise on a high level and avoid keeping it on the floor. Experts believe that placing the tortoise on the floor can disrupt the flow of energy in the room and create negative and uncomfortable energy. Placing the Feng Shui tortoise near the bed can also help you deal with anxiety and insomnia. Homeowners should also consider the size and material of the tortoise. A larger tortoise is believed to bring more substantial and long-lasting benefits, while a smaller one is ideal for those homeowners with limited space. The material of the tortoise should be chosen based on the element that one wishes to enhance. For example, a metal tortoise is ideal for enhancing wealth, while a wooden tortoise is best for promoting health and longevity.

Types of Feng Shui turtles

Depending on the material of the Feng Shui turtle, one can enhance any aspect of their room. For instance, the brass tortoise Vastu in the north or northwest corner of a house can improve the stability of a relationship and bring harmony. The crystal tortoise in the north or southern corner of the home helps solve financial issues and establishes income stability. Placing the crystal tortoise face direction in offices and homes in the north direction also helps in wealth creation. One can also do this with a crystal tortoise with plates. Other materials of the Feng shui tortoise include metal turtle, stone tortoise wooden turtle, hematite turtle, clay turtle, glass turtles, and coin turtles, among others. With the help of the Feng Shui tortoise, you can create a harmonious and balanced environment that promotes positive energy and well-being.

Embellishments for the Feng Shui Tortoise

Adding embellishments to the Feng Shui tortoise can boost its power potential and maximise one’s good fortune, wealth, and harmony. One popular embellishment for the Feng Shui turtle is a crystal placed on the tortoise's back, coins placed on the turtle, or using a triple tortoise statue can boost the energy and good luck of the Vastu energy manifold. Placing a red ribbon or thread around the tortoise’s neck, writing a wish on yellow paper, and storing it inside the turtle can also magnify good health and vitality. Don't forget to choose the right direction, placement, size, and material for the tortoise and enhance it with various embellishments to maximise its power.


The Feng Shui tortoise is a powerful symbol of good fortune, longevity, security, peace, and stability. Each object aims to create a positive energy flow and bring good luck, wealth, health, and prosperity to the house members. By following the guidelines of Vastu Shastra, homeowners can harness the positive energy of the tortoise and bring a string of good destinies and prosperity into their life. Piramal Revanta, a luxury residential property by Piramal Realty located in the heart of Mulund, offers luxe residences that incorporate a positive spatial arrangement yet maintain contemporary appeal.

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