Piramal Revanta E-Tour

Adopting the latest trend of virtual tours for real estate properties, Piramal Revanta offers everyone to witness the grandeur of the luxurious apartments it nestles in itself from the comfort of your homes.  Experience the architectural magnificence we bring to you by optimum area utilisation, minimising space wastage and efficient planning with finishes par excellence.

Right from the views from the windows to the design of apartments, you can have a closer look at all the details. Similar to 3D virtual tours real estate firms offer, this virtual tour will help you know what Piramal Revanta has in store for you as you will be able to view clearly its interiors, spacious rooms, and other important details.

You can have a 360-degree virtual tour of 2-BHk and 3-BHK apartments at Piramal Revanta. These walkthroughs will take you to every corner of these apartments without having to step out from your home. You can inspect all the details and scrutinise the luxuries this project is designed to offer in real-time.

revanta ravik apartment
revanta Ravik 3bhk apartment