Important Things To Do After Moving Into A New Home

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31 August, 2023

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Important Things To Do After Moving Into A New Home

Moving into a new house is a momentous occasion that marks a significant milestone in one's life. It represents a place of security, comfort, and the freedom to create lasting memories. For those fortunate to call a house their home, many congratulations! Amidst the joy and anticipation, it is important to acknowledge the responsibilities of home ownership. Maintaining the house, managing finances, and ensuring security requires dedication and attention to detail. Here are some essentials for a new home that all homeowners may need to do as soon as they move in

Moving into a New House? — Make a Checklist!

Familiarize oneself with the space

A complete walkthrough can help one plan furniture placement, decoration, and organization. This can also help one make a list of things needed for a new house. A person can consider factors like the floor-to-floor height in each room to determine the vertical space available for furniture and decorations. For instance, Piramal Revanta offers spacious apartments, with a floor-to-floor height of 3.1 m. While moving into any of these apartments, new homeowners can take a tour and plan how to utilize the space. Identifying the carpeted areas in the house can also be helpful in choosing suitable furniture that complements the immaculate flooring. One must also observe the natural lighting conditions in different areas of the house throughout the day. This can help in deciding where to position furniture, artwork, etc. Additionally, take note of the location and number of power outlets in each room to determine where to place electronic devices, lamps, and other electrical appliances.

Explore the community

The second thing on the checklist for a new home includes getting acquainted with the nearby areas around one's home. This includes society/building amenities like a café lounge, gymnasium, first-aid room, salon and spa, crèche, cycling and jogging track, senior citizen area, swimming pool, and more. In addition to this, it is also important to take the time to explore the neighborhood and get well acquainted with the area.

Schedule a deep-clean

It may be advised to clean the house thoroughly right after moving into it. This can be important even for new homes where one may be the first occupant. A deep clean can help get rid of stains, odors, pests, and more. It can enhance one's experience and ensure hygiene and safety for all family members. It is important not only to clean the house but also one's belongings like mattresses, upholstery, air filters, blinds, curtains, kitchen appliances, TV screens, and more.

Identify any repairs or renovation

While moving into a new apartment, one should ensure the safety of their children and pets, and the first step one should take is to identify minor and major repairs. Look for any sharp edges, faulty electrical sockets, wall cracks, dripping faucets, open doors and windows, creaking floorboards, etc. Any of these issues can turn into a safety hazard with children and pets in the vicinity. Have them fixed by a professional as soon as possible. Further, these repairs can be more common in the case of second occupancy. One must check for any signs of wear and tear and have them repaired to avoid further damage. The new house may also need renovation or revamping to suit the new occupants' tastes and styles.
Note: One needs to ensure that sharp objects like scissors and box cutters, and any toxic cleaning reagents are beyond the reach of children.

Change house

One of the most essential things to buy for a new house is a new lock to ensure one's security. It is always a good idea to prioritize the safety of one's family and belongings by taking appropriate security measures. One can do so for all entry points, including front and back doors, windows, and sliding doors. Further, it is crucial to invest in high-quality locks. Piramal Realty, for example, offers smart IoT (Internet of Things) locks in their Digi Select Smart Homes. These smart locks can be operated from the homeowner’s smartphone and add superior security to one's home.

Meet the neighbors

Getting to know one's neighbors creates a sense of security. Developing relationships with neighbors can also lead to new friendships and social interactions. This can be helpful in times of need or emergencies. The best way to get acquainted with one’s neighbors is through the community, but it all starts with saying hello. Here are some great ways a homeowner can get to know his neighbor:

  • Greet them when one first meets them,
  • Ask them about their health and get involved in cheerful chats.
  • Lend them a helping hand or ask for their help while moving in.
  • Invite them over for a cup of tea.
  • Host a housewarming party
  • Get actively involved in the community work.

Remember, in case there is an emergency, neighbors will always bring the first help, and therefore, it is crucial to gain their trust and friendship.

To Sum it Up

When moving into a new house, take a moment to celebrate this milestone and reflect on the journey that brings people here. Also, remember to follow the checklist to efficiently tackle essential tasks, from planning and organizing the move to unpacking, setting up utilities, and familiarizing oneself with the new space. With all that said, some of the steps here may not be needed for someone moving into a apartment like Piramal Revanta. Not only does this premier residence offer comfortable and posh living, but it also offers great amenities that can make life a lot easier. One can embrace the opportunity to create a home that reflects one's style with Piramal Revanta. Take an e-tour and select smart, luxurious houses. Disclaimer- This article is based on the information publicly available for general use as well as reference links mentioned herein. We do not claim any responsibility regarding the genuineness of the same. The information provided herein does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, it is for general informational purposes only. We expressly disclaim /disown any liability, which may arise due to any decision taken by any person/s basis the article hereof. Readers should obtain separate advice with respect to any particular information provided herein.

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