3 Historical Facts About Mulund That You Must Know

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23 December, 2021

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Situated in the northeastern part of Mumbai, Maharashtra, Mulund is one of the most popular suburbs of the cosmopolis with a population in excess of 3 lakhs. One of the distinct facets of Mulund is its well-planned layout, which has been replicated by the new housing projects in development, including Piramal Revanta.

While Mulund is a modern suburban locality, the history of Mulund is long and dates back to the time the Maurya dynasty reigned in India. Exciting, right? Let’s find out more about the history of this popular suburb of Mumbai.

The History of Mulund - At a Glance!

Here are some fascinating facts about the history of Mulund.

  • From Muchalind to Mulund

    The history of Mulund can be traced back to the Mauryan rule in the country. During that time, the area was called Muchalind, which gradually transformed into Mul-kund and, in turn, Mulund. Over the course of its history, the region has also been referred to as Manglapuri. Its name and identity may have evolved over time, but Mulund remains an integral part of Mumbai.
  • The First Planned Suburb of Mumbai

    Mulund is celebrated as the first planned suburb of the financial capital of India. In the year 1922, a landlord named Jhaverbhai, the owner of Narottamdas and Company commissioned the task of designing a well-planned suburb to the architects Crown & Carter.
    Consequently, Crown & Carter designed the layout of Mulund along the lines of a gridiron plan, which is with streets that ran perpendicular to each other. To this day, the remnants of this planned construction can be seen in the roads connecting the Mulund Railway Station to the Pancha Rasta Road.
  • A Hub For Pharmaceutical Factories

    Mulund is a hub for the pharmaceutical industry with several pharma companies having their factories in the area, including multinationals such as Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, and Hoechst. Over the years, some of the factories in Mulund have made way for commercial establishments such as malls and restaurants as well as housing developments. However, the Johnson & Johnson factory remains one of the most iconic markers of the suburb.

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